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At Westminster Chapel you’ll find a family built up of people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations, growing to listen and love like Jesus.

We don’t have life all figured out, but we believe we know who does.


LOVE OTHERS- DONATE BLOOD! ❤️Donating blood is a simple act that can mean so much to those in need. January is National Blood Donor Month, so what better time to make a donation and impact someone’s life? That “someone” could be a loved one or friend. It’s the time of year when local blood supplies are dipping due to high patient demand. All donations are by appointment only. The one hour donation appointment is a safe and essential action to support local hospitals and patients. The pop-up centers are being conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines. No walk-ins, guests, or people under age 16 are permitted onsite. All donors are required to wear masks during their appointment. To make your appointment, call 1-800-398-7888 or visit schedule.bloodworksnw.org #wcbellevue
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NEW EPISODE NOW!! Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or stitcher! We would love if you submitted a question for us about- anything! ☺️ DM us or submit a question on our website. Your name will always remain anonymous! ❤️🎙 #wcbellevue #askingforafriendwithwestminsterchapel
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#repost from @wcyouth // Winter Groups for Middle School and High School students will begin on Sunday, January 10th and run each Sunday through March 14th. Join us in the Middle School Room or High School Room from 6:30-7:30pm. Sign up online at https://westminster.churchcenter.com/people/forms/194236
Students will meet in groups – Middle School will be able to choose from the Gospel of John, the Book of Genesis or, for the girls, the Book of Ruth. High Schoolers will choose topics with their small group leaders determined by grade and gender.
Per Covid restrictions, we will be taking temperatures and signing in each week. Please wear a mask and maintain a six foot separation from others. We will set the rooms up for social distancing and rooms will be sanitized before and after. #wcbellevue
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What does this photo have to do with Ecclesiastes or the message tomorrow? Visit us in person or watch via church online tomorrow to find out 🙌🏻☕️ #wcbellevue
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A wonderful team serving @jubileereach 🙌🏻❤️ we love you Bellevue! It’s such a joy to help our neighbors and love where we live. Thank you all so much for your donations, time, and heart!  #wcbellevue
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Alpha is an opportunity to explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. No judgment. No pressure. No cost. Everyone is welcome. ❤️ https://www.westminster.org/event/alpha-online-spring-2021/2021-02-22/ #wcbellevue #alpha #alphaonline
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Need to catch up on this weeks Sunday service? Or any of our previous messages? Visit www.westminster.org/churchonline to watch or listen now! Or anytime! ☺️🙌🏼 #wcbellevue #church #bellevuechurch #worship #pnw
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Authentic love for God goes hand-in-hand with doing right towards others, including the vulnerable and the oppressed. We as a church family continue to look for and step into opportunities to stand against injustice in all its forms, and to promote life, reconciliation, and genuine love.
The resources, links, and events gathered on this page represent an entry point into the conversation.  Along the way, we’ll strive to live lives marked by:
LISTENING – with understanding to both the spoken and the unspoken. To listen well requires empathy, moments of silence, and non-judgment. 
CURIOSITY – celebrate a mindset of learning. 
VULNERABILITY – negotiate relationships with a sense of openness. 
GRACIOUSNESS – the ability to be in community with each other and speaking for the rights of others. 
BELONGING – create a sense of connection rather than silos of difference. (Adapted from Kori Carew’s talk “Just Belonging: Finding the Courage to Interrupt Bias” available on TedTalks) 
Like the apostle Paul, we need to recognize that we have not arrived, but instead “press on to take hold” of the fullness of Jesus’ call on each of our lives (Phil. 3:12). May we courageously live out His love for all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages (Rev. 7:9). #wcbellevue #mlk #mlkday
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It’s a sunny day as I write this note. To be honest, in spite of all that is going on in our world, I’m filled with profound gratitude and deep hope. I’m grateful for each of you, the call that God has on your life as you love Him and your neighbor, and the ways I know He is using you in your calling to work and bring His kingdom wherever He has placed you. I’m hopeful about His plans. Not our circumstances, but His plans. God has entrusted us with much and called us to great purpose – together.

This is the part we want to talk about this weekend. As we’ve started this study of Ecclesiastes, it’s been really helpful to put life in perspective. This weekend, we will study 4:7-12 and look at the important topic of community. It’s an encouraging, practical, and hopeful message. In our lives outside of God’s design, we all gravitate toward isolation. Self-sufficient, individualistic westerners do this naturally. But it’s not just this culture. Every culture moves in this direction in different ways. The Bible says that this approach doesn’t promise flourishing. The only hope for a good life is if we learn to walk through life together. - Ryan #wcbellevue
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Westminster Counseling Services This current season brings challenges for all of us. If you are looking for healthy ways to navigate stress, conflict, or just to process life with someone, we want to enter into that journey with you. Westminster Chapel Counseling is a low-cost counseling center for anyone in our community whether you are a person of faith or not. Our professional counseling interns are ready to meet, with both online and in-person options available. The cost is $20 per session. If you wish to request counseling, click on the link to complete the form and you will be contacted. https://westminster.churchcenter.com/people/forms/128359 #wcbellevue #counsel #counseling #bellevue #bellevuechurch
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Community Impact Team: Celebrating 17 years of Love in Action!  These people have served our community with the love of Jesus. Here is a list of just some of the groups they’ve worked with and blessed over the years: 

YMCA: Community Cafes
Refugee Housing
Gifts for Prisoners (Angel Tree)
Lunar New Year
Eastside Pathways
Hope Place: Back to School
Congregations for the Homeless
Hopelink: Adopt an Apartment
Renewal Food Bank
Serving in Downtown Seattle
Jubilee Service Day
Bell Ringing/Salvation Army
Adoption/Foster Care
Talk Time at the Y ❤️ we love you!!! Thank you so much again from all of us 🙌🏻❤️🥰 #wcbellevue
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#worshipwednesday #rehearsal 🙌🏻 @westminster_production and @brendanerazo absolutely ROCKED the new stage design! Wooo!!! #wcbellevue
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RE-ENGAGE FOR MARRIED COUPLES • Sunday, January 24  6:30 PM - 8:00 PM • This is a 12 week course for married couples. A marriage enrichment program that examines God’s design for marriage and guides couples towards growth with each other. Visit our website to register! 🙌🏻💍❤️ #wcbellevue
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“Westminster Family,

I hope you are having a good start to 2021. This week as we watched events transpire in our nation’s capitol, it was a clear reminder that our hope isn’t in a leader or a country, but a King and Kingdom. Let’s remember Jesus' words to be salt and light in a world of obvious decay and darkness. Please join me in praying for our nation.

The events of the last few days are a reminder that we must continually put life in perspective to make sense of this good but broken world. I’m looking forward to continuing our study in Ecclesiastes this weekend. Ecclesiastes helps us to put life in perspective and follow God with wisdom, and this Sunday we’ll be talking about the topic of time. It’s a fascinating subject full of implications for our lives as we follow Jesus. As we study this book, I also had a chance to spend 30 minutes with Dr. James Hamilton talking about it. He’s very insightful and I hope you will enjoy our conversation if you have the time for it. You can watch it here.

Whether it be in person or online, I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend. I’m praying for you!” - Ryan
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