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At Westminster Chapel you’ll find a family built up of people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations, growing to listen and love like Jesus.

We don’t have life all figured out, but we believe we know who does.


Services are at 9 and 10:30am in person and online, plus another online service at 7pm!! See you tomorrow 😍 and don’t forget to grab a coffee if you come in person 😉 #wcbellevue
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“Do you ever say things that you immediately wish you could take back? The other day I was talking to someone and I said something of that sort. IMMEDIATELY I was broken-hearted over what I said. I repented, asked for forgiveness, and really had to ask myself where those words came from. Grace was given, no one thought as much of it as I did, but it bothered me. So the next morning I called a friend from church. It wasn’t hard, but it was risky. I started the conversation with something like.  “Man, I’ve got something I need to confess…”  And then I did just that. I confessed my sin, let someone I trust care for my soul, pray for me, and point me to Jesus. It was a redemptive conversation. I experienced the kind of community God wants us to have. This week I’ve been drawn closer to Jesus because of that moment.  But authenticity is risky. What if we get rejected? Will others still love us if they know some of the things that go on in our hearts? All too often, we hide. When we do that, we can’t experience the kind of life that Jesus promised us. So…where do you need to take a risk and engage with authenticity this week? I pray we’ll do that together and meet one another with the grace and truth that we find in Jesus.  We’ll be studying Hebrews 7 this week. Whether online or in person, I look forward to worshipping with you!  Grateful,
Ryan.”  This weekend we will continue our present mask policy: Masks are optional indoors and outdoors for fully-vaccinated people. People who aren’t fully vaccinated or who are in our Next Gen Ministry are asked to continue wearing masks indoors. Our current policy is always available at www.westminster.org/welcomehome or email Mark at markp@westminster.org with any questions.
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Behind the scenes of a new video coming soon!! 😍 featuring our amazing grow groups director, Lishi! #wcbellevue #bettertogether
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A taste of alpha 🍳 This is an opportunity for anyone at Westminster to get a "taste" of what Alpha is! Think you know? If you haven't been to Alpha in the last few years, come and try it again! We have new videos and more preparation to make it easy for you to invite people to come and experience what a relationship with God is. We really do all the work. Come and see! No cost. No judgement. Join in the conversation. #wcbellevue #alpha
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“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” ❤️ We love seeing people from all backgrounds, ages, life stages, and places coming together as a part of one big family. And you’re never to old to play with stickers. We checked. It’s a fact 😉 #wcbellevue
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#goodmorning from our BREW coffee team! 😍 #wcbellevue
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We are SOOOOO excited for Elliot and his family to get to WA! Will you please pray for their family as they travel and transition? Leave a comment below to say hi, let them know you’re praying, or any other encouragement for a family moving! ☺️❤️ we can’t wait till they’re here!! #wcbellevue #churchfamily
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That Sunday morning feeling 😍😍😍 No matter where you are we hope you have a wonderful day and feel Gods love over your life ❤️ #wcbellevue
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“Westminster Family,  Glen and Amanda are friends who had a huge impact on our family. They’re a lovely, fascinating couple from South Africa that befriended us when we lived in Charlotte. Glen is an entrepreneur and Amanda a fashion designer. They’ve had a tremendous impact on many, and as I’ve thought about them many times, I believe that one of the key ingredients to their legacy is one that I wouldn’t have necessarily listed 10 years ago when I thought about people of influence. Today, it’s one I can’t stop thinking about. It literally has the power to change the world, spark gospel movements, and is definitely one of the keys to igniting a Jesus transformation on the Eastside. Ok, don’t read any further. What do you think I’m talking about?  No, I’m not talking about leadership development. That is one of the keys. I’m not talking about strategic focus, though we are working on that! I’m talking about hospitality….  I want our church to be known for our hospitality. I long for every person who steps in the door at Westminster to feel just like we did around the table with Glen and Amanda. I believe it starts on Sunday, and spills over into every other ministry environment at Westminster. This requires a total team effort. Every single one of us has the privilege and opportunity to shape this kind of culture. We get to create the kind of community that we ourselves long for and then share that with others. What if our city knew us for that kind of hospitality?  I believe it was one of the keys to the spread of the gospel in the early church, and I believe it’s one of the keys today. As we study Hebrews 6:4-12 this weekend, let’s come ready to begin forging a whole new culture of hospitality on Sunday mornings. Also, consider joining our First Impressions Team, even if once a month. It’s an easy way to help make Westminster a home to many!”  Grateful,
Ryan #wcbellevue
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Jubilee Service Day is an annual event in August which brings together people in the community to serve at local public schools on the Eastside. Started in 2005 with one church serving at one school, this day has grown to involve over 3,000 volunteers, 22 schools and at least 25 homes in 2019. Volunteers come from all over the community, primarily from local churches, organizations, businesses and people already partnering with Jubilee REACH.  To find out more information and to sign up to serve with other people from Westminster Chapel at either Cherry Crest or Sherwood Forest click on this link: https://www.jubileereach.org/serviceday/main 🍎🤩 #wcbellevue
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What is your go to coffee order?? Comment below 😍 and a HUGE shoutout to our Brew team for serving on Sunday mornings!! We love you all! Thanks for keeping us caffeinated 😉☕️ #wcbellevue
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@askingforafriend.wc just dropped episode 18! Today Ryan, Matt, and Kailee discuss the listener submitted question: “Was the Universe Created in Six Literal Days?” Listen now on the website or spotify, iTunes,and stitcher! 🎙 #wcbellevue
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Have you met our nextgen pastor Adam and our middle school director Josh?! If not! You can! Tonight our student ministry (high school and middle schoolers) will meet at 6:30 for games, worship, teaching, and more. Masks are optional, and we look forward to seeing you or your kids tonight! 🥳✨ #wcbellevue
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ALPHA – FALL 2021 – Sundays in person

Westminster Chapel 13646 NE 24th St, Bellevue

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. Good Food. Great Conversations. Building Community. No Cost. No judgment. No […]