Dear Westminster Family –

After the victory at Jericho, you would think that the children of Israel would be absolutely convinced that strict obedience to God’s plan and purpose would guarantee God’s blessing. God’s instructions relative to the defeated city were simple. The city of Jericho represented God’s “first fruits” on their journey through the Promised Land. All the spoil belonged to God and the people were not to take any of it for themselves. One man ignored this instruction and as a result, God’s blessing was removed from all the people. While this seems harsh it represents a principle of God’s judgment that is relevant to the people of God in all ages. Francis Schaeffer describes this principle in his commentary on the Book of Joshua.

“First, Achan stole from God just as a man today might steal by promising to give a tithe and failing to do so. Second, though only one man sinned, the blessing of God stopped for the people of God corporately. Third, when the judgment was applied, victory came. This simple yet profound process explains all the rest of the Old Testament. It explains the period of the judges, the period of the kings, the captivities under Assyria and Babylon, the Jews’ return from Babylon and the Jews’ in A.D. 70 under Titus. It explains Romans 9-11, which speaks of the Jews turning away from God and yet at a future day coming back to God and once more, as a nation, being the people of God. First comes blessing, then sin enters, then comes judgment, the blessing begins again and flows.”

This principle of judgment defined much of Israel’s history and it may define your history as well. Schaeffer goes on to say that this principle is…”unchanging throughout Scripture because God is really there. God is a holy God, God loves His people, and God deals with His people consistently.”

We will explore this principle of judgment and its impact on our lives in the message this week.

See you in church.

Pastor Gary

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