Five Days of Soul Refreshment

July 2 – 6

Life as God designed it is full of rhythms: day and night, giving and receiving, work and rest.  When we get out of rhythm—as with a global pandemic—we can find ourselves responding in unexpected ways, some good and some less so.  You’ve probably seen this in your own life lately.

In all this, God’s invitation to each of us remains, to find our life in Him.  That’s true no matter your vocation or stage of life. 

So, for the next several days, we’re taking a positive step to restore some of life’s rhythm.  July 2-6, we’ve invited our Westminster staff into an extended Sabbath rest—a time to step away from daily tasks.  To make space.  To hear God’s voice.

We invite you, as you’re able, into this same rest.  For Westminster groups and activities, we encourage you to simply take a break.  Maybe you can find the opportunity to step away from other life demands as well for these few days. 

Into this space, we’ll invite God to speak through His Spirit.  Some time-tested Christian practices can help guide:


Technology has been a life-line these days, but can quickly become overwhelming. Try disconnecting from the news, TV, social media–in whatever area the Spirit prompts you. Make space for times of transition between activities.


Rhythms of work and rest teach us who we are made to be, and about our relationship with a God who cares for every aspect of our lives. It is a discipline to rest–for many of us our tendency is to overschedule and rush around. Our worth isn’t found in what we do, but in who God is.


Be intentional about refreshing your spirit through reading. Set time to be in God’s Word. Maybe there is a book or passage of the Bible you’ve been meaning to spend time with–now is the time! Read the biography of a missionary or the writings of past generations of Christians.


Worship looks differently for different people–for some it may be singing or reading out loud from the Bible. For others it’s seeing the things you love and affirming that God created them and loves them too.


Communion is both a practice and a way of living. Just as any relationship we value needs to be nurtured and invested in, it’s vitally important to nurture your connection with God–the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sunday Church Online services for July 5 will still take place at the usual times, 9AM and 10AM.

Please reach out to our staff team if you have questions about your specific ministry or group.