This Sunday we begin our Lenten series on the spiritual disciplines. Our “first step” on this “Journey to the Cross” is the discipline of prayer. There is arguably no other experience in our spiritual lives that has created more confusion, frustration, or guilt than this discipline; but I don’t believe that this is what God has in mind for us.

It is right and proper that we should begin this series with the discipline of prayer. I agree with Ruth Hayley Barton’s comments about prayer in her wonderful book, SACRED RHYTHMS: ARRANGING OUR LIVES FOR SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION…

“It has become increasingly difficult for me to distinguish prayer as a spiritual discipline from all the others. The longer I journey in the spiritual life, the more I experience all of life as prayer and the other disciplines as different ways of praying. Solitude and silence help me experience the more contemplative elements of prayer. ‘Lectio divina” is a way of praying the Scripture. Self-examination is the prayer in which I invite God to search me and reveal those things I need to know about myself. Discernment is the listening part of prayer: sitting with a question or decision in God’s presence and waiting for the wisdom of God that is given as a pure gift…Any approach to the spiritual life that sets up false or awkward distinctions between prayer and life, or prayer and the other disciplines, seems to unnaturally rip apart elements of life that belong together or to unnecessarily complicate something that is in essence quite simple. And so it happens that all of life becomes prayer. From prayers that are more formal and structured to those that are informal and spontaneous, from prayer with words to prayer that is beyond words, from the most intimate expressions of love expressed privately to God to words spoken in unison by God’s people when they gather, from the eloquent prayers of the church to the breath prayer that is nothing more than a gasp of need or a sigh of love or a groan of longing, from the prayers uttered in beautiful cathedrals to prayers offered on the side of a mountain—-every breath we take can be a prayer, uniting our heart to God and harnessing the energy of our life to his great purposes.”

Barton goes on to offer this brief prayer that sets the agenda for our time together this week.

“May we ever be mere beginners in the life of prayer, always crying out, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.”

I will lead us through some of the lessons of prayer in Sunday’s message.

See you in church.

Pastor Gary



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