Hello! I am so glad you chose to visit our website. Visiting a new church can feel a little like the first day of school. It’s awkward, and might even induce a little fear. This is true whether you are stepping into a church for the first time or even if you have grown up in church.

Let me ease your fears. Here are a few things to know about us.

  • We don’t have life all figured out, but we believe we know who does. Churches are communities of people longing to find life as they believe it was meant to be lived. Let me tell you right away that we don’t have it all figured out. We are far from perfect! We believe Jesus is everything. He lived the perfect life and is our real and living hope.
  • We genuinely care about you. Sure, we don’t know each other yet, but we don’t have to know you to care about you. Your story matters to us and we would be honored to be part of your life. We want to invest in you and your relationship with God.
  • Your kids will love it here. We work hard to invest in the lives of children and students. We take ministry into the next generation very seriously and they matter to us.
  • This is an inter-generational community. We are better when we walk with people in different stages of life. We all need to be deeply connected to those who are a little ahead of us in life and those just behind us. Life is richer as you enter into this kind of community.
  • We are diverse. Westminster is a community of people from all over the world. We want Westminster to be a home away from home for those that God brings to our city from all over the world. We know we are better together and there is unity in diversity!
    • Thanks for taking the time to read this little note. I can’t wait to meet you soon!

      Ryan Falls
      Senior Pastor