Thank you so much for your willingness to take the time and expense to provide a meal for our April CFH guests. You serve as a living witness to God’s heart for those in need, and our sincere hope is you will receive as much as, and maybe even more than, you give.

CFH has reminded all of us about “Boundaries” for interacting with the men (clients). Below is a list of the key things to “Do” and things “Not to Do”:

• DO interact with the men during mealtime. Most of them will appreciate it, but respect those who want to be more silent. Keep in mind that some of the men struggle socially.
• DO NOT ask personal questions about how they became homeless, about their families, or that judge them in any way.
• DO have normal everyday conversations: What about those Mariners! What movies have you seen lately? Do you enjoy the Seattle Bellevue area? Etc.
• DO NOT show favoritism to a client by giving him a gift of any kind especially money or offering to give him a ride or a job. The men all have a Case Manager who can help them with their needs.
• DO be open to spiritual conversations, but ONLY if the men start the conversation.
• DO NOT push spiritual or self-help beliefs on the clients. CFH accepts all people regardless of who they are or what they believe.
• DO be friendly but be careful about physical touch.
• AND DO be open to being changed by the clients. Listen and learn from their stories, wisdom, and their caring for others.

As a church, we want April to be a welcoming atmosphere for the men. We show them Christian love by opening our great facility ,serving a nightly meal, making sandwiches for their lunch, offering a Bible study, and spending time with them. We are blessed by serving them. Thank you again for your willingess to serve!