Better Conversations

Thoughts taken from “Better Conversations” by Jim Knight.

“What people really need is a good listening to.” MaryLou Casey

Six Conversation Beliefs

  1. “I see conversation partners as equals” means that we do not see ourselves as better than others and our way of interacting shows that we see value in other people.
  2. “I want to hear what others have to say” means that we see conversation as an opportunity to learn others ideas and hear about their experiences.
  3. “I believe people should have a lot of a autonomy” means we recognize that (a) not giving choice frequently means resistance, and (b) since we define who we are by the choices we make, taking choice away is the humanizing.
  4. “I don’t judge others” means that when I interact or observe, I resist the temptation to diminish others through critical judgements.
  5. “I believe conversation should be back and forth” means I go into conversations with humility, open to learning, and ready to discover I might be wrong.
  6. “I believe conversation should be life-giving” means that I expect conversation to be energizing, affirming, and leave one feeling better after having the conversation.