In 2000, Westminster Chapel joined two other Eastside churches and World Vision in a partnership to empower Cambodians to transform their communities by modeling the love of Jesus.  Evangelicals Serving Cambodia (ESC) continues to sponsor many children in Kampong Thom province and support the training of the current and future Christian leadership in Cambodia.

The Killing Fields of the 1970’s witnessed a generation murdered.  Today 65% of the population is under 30 years of age.  Our work allows us the opportunity to evangelize and train youth in Christian servant leaders, to offer educational scholarships for secondary education to sponsored children in Kampong Thom villages and sponsor university scholarships for Diamond Project graduates training to become Christian community leaders.  Relief and development work has seen the village of Tong Neak (SE of Kampong Thom) reach a sustainable economic level in two short years.  In early 2010 funds raised by the youth of Westminster helped build and improve several two-level homes for displaced families in the resettlement village of Andong.

In 2010 we refocused most of our ministry in Kampong Thom.  We helped launch the Diamond Project (DP) in Kampong Thom City. In January of this year 14 young people became the first DP 1 class there.  Lead by Chumno this DP satellite (head office: Phnom Penh) is making plans to open a Drop-In Center, a safe/secure place for junior high/high school students at risk, can be themselves and grow as persons.  At the center they will be mentored and taught by the students in the DP.  Funds raised during Global Impact Week this year, will help launch and run this program.

Mission Partners
Brian Maher—Brian lived in Cambodia for over 15 years, working with the Youth Commission and founding the Diamond Project.   He now lives locally and coaches the members in our partnership.  In addition he is working as a consultant in the revamping of DP1 and DP2 curriculum and writing DP3.

Lynn Ogata—Multiple short term trip peaked Lynn’s interest in Cambodia and when the research company she worked for was bought out, it opened an opportunity for a career change.  Now this research microbiologist is coaching the staff and volunteers of DOVE, the organization that runs the Diamond Projects and its ancillary ministries.

Project Goals
• Support the Diamond Project satellite office in Kampong Thom
• Launch and support the Kampong Thom Drop-In Center associated with DP
• Raise up a future missionary from  Westminster Chapel—a 1-2 year assignment focusing work with the Diamond Project and local leaders
• Support special relief efforts in distressed communities, in partnership with the local church
• Send annual short term teams

How You Can Be Involved
• Go on a short term trip to Cambodia
• Pray specifically for a student or family
• Pray for our Mission Partners
• Sponsor World Vision children in Kampong Thom province

Funding Projects for 2011/2012
• Continuing support for the Diamond Project and Drop-In Center
• Support for Mission Partners