This article explores the reality that sometimes God won’t relieve our situation but instead change our ability to stand within it.

Destabilizing Experiences: the Secret Place Psalms 91:1-16

My past experiences pastoring and leading a para church organization, as I do today, has led me to believe that regardless of how good things seem for people, we all have at least two or three potentially destabilizing experiences in life. A heightened sense of vulnerability, loss of control, and hopelessness are the main feelings in these times.

Friends and family reach out to us but it isn’t enough. We read books, articles and see therapists, although very helpful and recommended, not quite enough either. These times in life try our souls and are reserved for God’s guidance and comfort. I have often wondered if these experiences are ordained for the Children of God. We try every remedy but yet there is more, and we find out the more is God!

David wrote of the “secret place” in Psalms. This is the place where God and the soul find each other. It is not a two bedroom apartment and there is no upgrade. We are in one room with God. There are no other roommates.

Many years ago, I had experienced a very destabilizing setback. My life seemed forever changed for the worse, and although I had a lot of support, I could not find my way out emotionally. I struggled intermittently, for years. Then one day I was standing in my pew at church, felt the Spirit of God touch me in such a way that the hurt and loss that I had felt for so long, just vanished! I know this sounds a bit spooky but it happened. The situation and circumstances did not change but I was changed. It wasn’t until years afterwards that God gave back what was lost. There is a God, be patient and prayerful and all will be well! Get all the help you can, and from any place you can, but do not forget to wait upon Him.


Blessings always, Joe Hutchison


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