What a generous church!

This past Christmas, our ’12 Days of Giving’ brought attention to the needs of global and local partners focusing on vulnerable kids and families. The people of Westminster Chapel responded, donating $112,288 in financial gifts and an additional $8,400 in support for girls at risk in Guatemala.

Thank you to everyone who has given and prayed for these opportunities to show the love of Jesus in very practical ways. Read on for some of the specific results of this special offering project:

WIND, Guatemala

$8,400 contribution for one year committed by specific Westminster families

We were able to sponsor 20 girls living in the city of Cotzal, Guatemala. These new relationships of care and support help make it possible for them to continue to stay in school. What a blessing to help these girls have a chance to better their lives and encourage the community!


For more information visit: WIND (

World Relief$20,000 + $297.95

In the first three months of 2022, World Relief expects more refugees than all of 2021. The need continues to grow, and your generosity has impact! 

For more information visit: Seattle – World Relief


  • $297.95 was raised by our children to help purchase clothing for refugee children. World Relief estimates it costs about $25/child to assist with basics. This offering provides for 12 young people needing clothes.
  • $20,000 allows World relief to provide a snack fund for the workers and youth for the quarter. It also continues to provide additional warm clothes for approximately 600 children entering our region.

Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF Bellevue) – $15,000

In coordinating with our local region in Crossroads, your generosity is blessing youth in the Extended Foster Care system. As we coordinate with the local office, we provided:

  • 48 gifts bags for youth in extended foster care. These gift bags included a hoodie sweatshirt, personal hygiene products, socks, a gift card, sweets, and gel pens and a sketch pad. I was told of a story of a 19-year-old female with a traumatic upbringing and story upon receiving her bag. About 15 minutes after her caseworker dropped the bag, he received a text with a picture of the gel pens and a text that simply stated, “I feel like a kid again, LOL.” This blessing is opening doors to create further opportunities for loving those who are profoundly impacted by a life of uncertainty and a history of hardship.
  • Safe Cribs – we are donating money ensure children within foster care have safe places for sleep and growth.

  • Graduation gifts – for this year’s seniors to help them celebrate their accomplishments.

  • Website – working with Olive Crest to help develop a new website the Foster Support Faith Alliance (FSFA).

KentHope Enhanced Shelter – $15,000

KentHOPE is the first location to move into the new enhanced shelter model to better serve women and children. Before KentHOPE moved into the enhanced shelter model there wasn’t a shelter in the area for moms with kids. KentHOPE staff would give mom’s bus passes and have them ride the bus all night with their children so they could stay safe. Now there is a safe place for mothers to focus on getting stabilized and move into transitional housing or into a recovery program.  

For more information visit:   KentHope Day Center and Shelter in Seattle, WA: Union Gospel Mission (

Bridge Receiving Center – $5,000

This organization is about creating a healing start for children entering the foster care system. With COVID restraints and new WA State criteria regarding how children helped, Bridge currently serves about 60 children per year. These children stay with Bridge for 30-60 days to create safe places and safe routines for the days to come. When a special need arrives, they have had children stay for an extended period before being placed.

For more information visit: BRIDGE RECEIVING CENTER

Bridge Disability Ministries – $3,000

Historically this organization works with adults. Your generosity allows them to focus more on young adults on college campuses. They offer a Bible study with lunch, encourage individuals who feel isolated and depressed and need social connection, and provide medical assistance when needed. These are just a few ways they seek to support the disabled in the communities around us.

Bridge Disability Ministries – Ending isolation among people with disabilities : Bridge Ministries – Helping People with Disabilities

Capernaum – Bellevue – $3,000

Capernaum is an extension of YoungLife and works with youth ages 14-22 who have intellectual and developmental disabilities a place to connect, have fun, and build fulfilling friendships. Capernaum currently meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at and is going to Summer Camp at Washington Family Ranch Canyon in Antelope, OR, June 28-July 3.

For more information visit: Home – Greater Bellevue Capernaum WA410 (

Young Life – Bellevue – $3,000

Young Life – Bellevue currently serves approximately 400 kids in Bellevue and Mercer Island and have about 45 volunteers. This ministry starts with adults concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. 

For more information visit: Home – BellevueWA44 (