conversation – connection – caffeine – community

Tuesday nights are both a space and a community.

If you are 18-24 years old and have questions about spirituality, want to see what real-life faith looks like, or are simply looking for a space to invest in yourself—then this is for you.

Doors will be open and the free espresso will be flowing from 7 to 10pm. No cover charge. No pressure.

Spiritual discussions will run 8:30-9:30pm.

We’d would love for you to be part of it!

Who: Young adults age 18-24. You don’t need to attend Westminster to participate.

Where: Westminster Chapel Atrium

When: Tuesday Nights, 7-10pm

Adam Hollingsworth — College Group Lead

I’ve been at Westminster since 2020.

My wife Megan and I have one weiner dog, and love any opportunity to try great, new food. Also, I can seriously nerd out about coffee and CrossFit. But perhaps my favorite thing is learning new random information. When I start a sentence with, “I hear on a podcast…,” you can rest assured that the next fact will be interesting, but also rather useless. Want to know how snake anti-venom is made? Want to hear about the most interesting chair? Probably not, but I’ll still share.