Do I Need a Mentor…

Do I need a mentor?  Is this really a new question?  Growing up parents, family and friends helped us navigate the world.  As adults we include professors and co-workers to help successfully navigate the needs of our chosen path.  Honestly, most every important decision we make has involved at least one other person whose advice we sought.  Being mentored is just one more way we can help ourselves be who we are created to be.

Every mentoring relationship is unique.  Sometimes you need someone who will listen and pray with you.  Other times you might need direction to reach a specific goal.  Finally, you may need someone to help you grow spiritually – through either studying the scripture or reading a book relevant to the challenge at hand.  Mentoring is asking, “What would God have me do here and now” and “how can I make steps to reach that purpose”.

God did not intend for us to walk alone in this world and yet so often that is exactly what we try to do. Why?  Are one of these possibly your reason: fear of judgement? fear of vulnerability? fear of being known? fear of losing control?  These are just a few barriers we create to keep us from relationship. What is yours?  Needing others to walk this journey of life with us is not a weakness, but a strength. The truth of a good mentoring relationship – FREEDOM.  Freedom to be honest and real in a safe place.  Freedom to be accepted right where you are at, walking through this season of life, knowing that you are specifically cared for and prayed for.  Freedom to let go of the ‘baggage’ and to step forward into what God has planned.   We just have to be willing to step through the door.

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