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This is the first step in response to be a “shelter in place” at Westminster Chapel.  It is intended to provide relief and security to whoever is on campus at the time of crisis and is unable to get home.

Goal: Provide food, lodging, and first aid for up to 72 hours following a local disaster.

When a local emergency happens, the first decision to make is whether to evacuate or take shelter.  If ordered to shelter, it is important to have sufficient supplies and equipment on-hand to support the needs of staff, guests, and congregants for a period of time.  Local authorities have advised that emergency responders (i.e. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, or military) may not be able to come to our location and aid for up to 36 hours during/after the event.  It is our goal to cover this time frame on site for approximately 250-300 people.

Items needed to be stored in readiness in the Emergency Preparedness Room:

Communication Equipment:
  • Portable generators with vented exhaust systems that can supply power to our facility during the emergency
  • Battery operated public address system
Emergency Equipment:
  • Battery powered or hand cranked flashlights or glow sticks
  • Extra fire extinguishers
  • Cot Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Cotton Towels
  • Pry-bars (for opening doors that may have been damaged or blocked by debris)
  • Stretchers
  • Crutches
First-Aid Supplies:
  • Adhesive tape and bandages in assorted sizes
  • Safety pins in assorted sizes
  • Supply latex gloves (S, M, L)
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Emergency Kits with Antiseptic solutions and Antibiotic ointments
  • Moistened towelettes
  • Non-perscription drugs (i.e. aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers, anti-diarrhea medications and antacids, syrups of ipecac and laxatives)
  • Petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline)
  • Wooden splints
  • Thermometers
Sanitary Supplies:
  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper towels
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Disinfectants
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic sheeting (i.e. that can be cut to size to cover windows & doors, and labeled)
  • Duct tape for sealing cracks around doors, windows, and attaching signs
Food/Water Resources:
  • Berkey Filters (remove 99.9% of contaminants) – $75.00/Each system includes 2 buckets, 1 lid, 1 filter, supplies
  • 250 poly-Mart Emergency water storage tank

We are partnering with community agencies (i.e. Red Cross, Salvation Army and Amazon) to organize a disaster response group of WC staff and volunteers who will be trained to become part of a broader disaster response group.  If you would like to become part of this team, please, let us know by clicking the links at the top of this page.

Questions? Contact Sondra at gro.r1716836401etsni1716836401mtsew1716836401@bard1716836401nos1716836401