The Preteen/Middle School Director will be responsible for the leadership, growth and discipleship of the middle school students and the creation of a preteen ministry for Westminster Chapel in the context of the Next Gen Ministries Department.  In their role they will collaborate with the Next Gen Ministries staff and volunteer team to work toward common goals and vision.

Questions may be directed to Sondra Beck (425.747.1461, Ext 143). Let us hear from you!


General Expectations:

  1. Maintain a working knowledge of the Westminster Chapel mission, vision, values, and ministry strategy, and will advance this mission, adhere to these values and implement these strategies in middle school aged youth.
  2. Regularly communicate with parents to offer information about programs, resources and support an effort to partner together to help students grow.
  3. Makes Westminster Chapel (WC) their church home.
  4. Evidences passion for WC’s vision for individual and corporate evangelism and discipleship.
  5. Displays working knowledge of stewardship and demonstrates fiscal responsibility through proper planning and budgeting of ministry programs and initiatives.
  6. On site availability for staff/congregational interaction as a team. Work time to be on and off the WC campus, as needed (i.e. school visits, discipleship and volunteer meetings, outreach, etc.), and expected to be on site for all pertinent meetings.
  7. Attends staff meetings, retreats, and other church functions, as directed.


Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Evangelism and Discipleship: With strategic intention and measurable matrixes, develop programs and special events designed to reach youth in the community at large (evangelism) and special events designed to deepen the body of youth in the church (discipleship).  While these purposes are a focus, they are not our only area of concentration.  These strategies are to be developed in such a way as to fit seamlessly into WC’s overall purposes.
  2. Smooth transitions: Partners with Elementary Director to create preteen ministry for 4th and 5th grade and help create smooth transitions from 3rd grade to 4th and 5th to Middle School, as well as 8th to High school.
  3. Weekly programing: Plan and execute weekly programming for middle school students, as well as the creation and weekly implementation of a preteen ministry. Works with Next Gen Ministries team to ensure program coordination and alignment.
  4. Special events: Plan and execute special events (including Summer and Winter Camps) throughout the year specifically designed for youth in areas of responsibility.
  5. Student service: Provide youth and families with meaningful opportunities for serving, missions and outreach. These opportunities are to provide both service to the church/community and spiritual growth for youth.
  6. Student integration: Strategically integrate youth and families into the life of the greater church body. This will simultaneously expose youth to “adult church” and provide positive youth visibility to our congregation.
  7. Volunteer management: A leader of leaders who works in partnership with the Next Gen Ministries department to recruit, lead, train, develop, and build a dynamic team of volunteers to meet goals and objectives and help cast the vision for Westminster’s Next Gen Ministries to Westminster Chapel, as a whole.
  8. Parents: Build relationships and a sense of partnership with the parents of middle school students through regular communication, meetings, and opportunities for involvement.
  9. Goal orientation: Establish short- and long-term goals for Middle School Ministries. Effectively communicate those goals and implement strategy for their fulfillment.
  10. Boundaries: Carefully maintain appropriate boundaries in student and leader relationships.


Skill Requirements:

  1. Willingness to partner with Next Gen Ministries Staff to build an effective ministry to kids and youth.
  2. Effective leadership skills displayed through abilities to plan and execute events and an ability to recruit, develop and support effective student ministry leaders.
  3. Ability to effectively communicate Scripture.
  4. Ability to effectively recruit and develop volunteers.
  5. Displays Christian leadership by using credibility and capabilities to influence followers to pursue God’s direction for their lives.
  6. Evidences foundational spiritual qualities such as integrity, faithfulness, purity, compassion, submission, discernment and grace.
  7. Ability to create partnerships with parents and influence others to pursue God’s direction in their lives.
  8. Ability to work in concert with Facilities, Operations, and Finance respective to ministry area events.
  9. Ability to adapt ministry to become more inclusive and diverse.
  10. Ability to exercise confidentiality and discretionary judgment with noted ability to make sound decisions.
  11. Ability to present a Christ-like image when presented before or when interacting with diverse groups of individuals.
  12. Ability to exercise flexibility within working responsibilities or environment.
  13. Ability to work independently, and as a team member, while using discretion in decision making and sound judgment in problem solving.
  14. Excellent oral and presentation skills to effectively communicate to all ages and group size.



  1. Required B.A. or B.S. degree in Emphasis Area or equivalent experience.
  2. Experience leading and managing groups of volunteers and/or paid staff.
  3. Commitment to developing working knowledge and application of WC mission and ministry strategy and evidenced ability to implement within ministry emphasis.
  4. Is constantly pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ. Has a passion for God, which is exhibited in clear obedience to His Spirit and Word.


Interpersonal Relations/Teamwork:

  1. Demonstrate initiative by anticipating needs and solutions.
  2. Demonstrate flexibility in response to unexpected changes in work-flow and production situations.
  3. Communication, cooperation, and assistance are given promptly and in a courteous manner to pastors, co-workers, subordinates, volunteers, outside contractors, the congregation, and the public.
  4. A standard of excellence in ministry and accountability will be maintained at all times.


Please forward completed applications and any accompanying information to Kjirsten Davies.