Dear Westminster Family:


First things first…We will gather for worship in our AIR-CONDITIONED Community Life Center this week.   I realize that the weather over the past few days has created multiple problems for many of you.  We would like to relieve some of that “stress” on Sunday.  We have planned a very special service in a very comfortable setting.


Many of the popular movies of our day feature individuals who have super powers.  Think about it with me…Captain America, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Thor…you know the characters.  Each of these unique people possessed a super power that was meant to be used for the common good.  While it is intriguing to focus on these fictional situations, we have a reality that is far more compelling.


Followers of Jesus have been given a “supernatural power.”  We call that power “faith.”  Using one of the stories about Jesus this week, I will talk about the power of faith to deal with the impact of our fears, perhaps one of the areas of our greatest common good.  As you prepare for our time together this week, I encourage you to read Matthew 14:22-33.  This record of the historical situation in Jesus’ life and ministry should help you understand the power of faith to deal with your fears.


Also this week…This is the first of our “family reunion” Sundays.   We will have the opportunity to hear from “Mr. J” as we move into our VBS ministry and we will get to commission our staff.


This should be an exciting time to be together.


See you in church.


Pastor Gary