Thank you for being willing to provide meals to families in need. We are so grateful for your help!

We are all aware of the devastating impact this virus has had on our community, and there are now many families facing acute economic hardships.

Westminster Chapel is partnering with other local churches and community organizations to provide groceries and other necessities to people in need each week. There is a place for all of us to be involved!

Jubilee REACH

Each week for the next 8 weeks, we are committing to provide groceries (approx. $30 value) for families in need within our community (380 families total).

Click the Sign Up to read the instructions on how you can serve.


Olive Crest

For the wonderful foster families in our community that are served by Olive Crest, we are committing to providing 10 entrée meals per week for the next 8 weeks (80 meals total).

Click the Sign Up to read the instructions on how you can bless these families.


COVID Response

Way to go, Westminster!

You have given over and above the goal we set for our Compassion Initiative of providing food for foster families as well as local Bellevue families who are hit especially hard during the COVID-19 season.

You still have opportunity to sign up to provide meals and groceries through our partnerships with Olive Crest and Jubilee REACH (info above). But we also want to celebrate how you have MORE THAN DOUBLED the original financial goal of $6,000! Thank you for your prayers, your involvement, and your generosity in serving the Lord.

With your generosity, we are able to:

  • Continue to provide groceries past our original 8 week commitment (for the rest of June).
  • Continue to provide meals for foster families into July.
  • Send support to partners in Guatemala and Cambodia.
  • Provide meals to 100 women at the HopePlace shelter for a month.

To everyone involved, thank you so much for your support! Together we're proving we can still be the church when we can’t be at the church.

For questions or more information, please contact Kjirsten Davies or Sylvia Ramquist.