S = Spiritual Gifts    = Heart Desires    A = Abilities    P = Personality    E = Experiences in Life

Designed to Reach Beyond

Each of our lives are defined in many ways. We all have desires that motivate us and experiences that shape us. We have individual personalities that determine how we interact with this world and natural abilities that help us to contribute. And as believers, we also have the Holy Spirit within, purposing to accomplish the will of God and empowering us to do so with supernatural gifts.

The brokenness of the human condition is exemplified by how all of these particulars tend to pull us in all sorts of directions. Wouldn’t it be great to align these different facets of our makeup to serve God with purpose? How wonderful to make a difference and experience the value of who God created us to be, by cooperating with how we were made and moving the whole of us in one direction.

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Step One: Explore and Examine for Understanding

It is important to take the necessary time and effort involved in discovery. We need to explore what the Bible has to say about how we were designed. We need to examine ourselves with an open heart. Our histories, passions, personality traits, and talents exist for a reason.   How God empowers us through the Holy Spirit is of utmost importance. Your openness to the Holy Spirit, your humility, and pursuing a deeper understanding will work towards fulfillment in the tasks that God has planned for you within His Kingdom.

Step Two: Develop a Profile that Captures the Heart of Your Design

The next step is to take what we have examined and learned and use it to develop a personal profile. We have developed a tool called “My S.H.A.P.E. for Service” to help us accomplish this task. This tool is nothing more than a way to capture a snapshot of key characteristics that come into play when considering ministry opportunities. It is a way for us to be good stewards of how God created us.

We will need to use caution here, however. A profile is meant to be an encouragement towards more fruitful ministry, not an excuse to avoid opportunities God gives. God can always use a willing heart and even an unwilling heart to accomplish His purposes.  You will be amazed to see how God will use you in miraculous ways when He knows that He has a submitted servant. Especially one who is willing and able to risk reputation and personal comfort when prompted into action by the Holy Spirit.

Step Three:  Look for Where God is Working and Join Him

When our mind, emotions, and will come together for the purposes of God, there is a sense of wholeness. Welcome to what it means to “reach beyond.” This step is not about our purposing to please God with our own efforts. This is about submitting our will to where God is leading. To follow Him with eyes wide open to that which is taking place around me. It is learning to ask questions about where God is directing within a certain situation.

We can learn of what God is doing by seeking His will through prayer, the study of His Word, and the counsel of godly leaders. As we obey the still small voice of the Spirit prompting action in our hearts, greater tasks will be revealed.  As we are faithful to these tasks our faith will continue to grow.

 “The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’”

Matthew 25:23 (New Living Translation)

Discovering My Shape is a short visual we use to start the conversation of my unique design.

Now you are ready to begin your journey!