Welcome to Job Support!

Our goal is to support job seekers in successfully pursuing employment that fits their skills, passions and needs.

Job Support Online
Every Thursday at 7PM

We help participants to fully understand the hiring process including how to:

  • Effectively network
  • Clearly convey personal strengths in resume writing 
  • Develop strong interviewing skills
  • Advance technical/online skills and database of resources (i.e. LinkedIn) 

These skills are developed through:

  • Guest speakers with expertise in a wide variety of vocations
  • Group discussion and relationships
  • Access to counselors that can provide well-being support during unemployment

Please join us on Thursday nights at 7pm via zoom, where you will meet new people, learn about yourself and others, and find new strengths on your path to employment. 

For questions or more information, contact Steve Hansen or Bob Morris.