Dear Westminster Family:

We had a powerful Easter weekend starting with our two presentations of modern oratorio, “Saviour.” Saturday morning’s Pancake and Eggs was great fun (a little bit of controlled chaos). We had almost a hundred more kids this year than last year, but our team did an amazing job of feeding and caring for them. The weekend culminated with our three celebration services on Sunday. In every service there was a definite sense of the Spirit’s presence and His work in peoples’ lives. A special thank-you to all of you who invested your love and your labor in our gatherings.

This Sunday we launch our “Love Where You Live” series. The first part of this series will focus on learning to pray where you live. Over the next few weeks you will be encouraged to open your eyes, your hearts, and your doors to the people you live with, work with, and play with. Each Sunday you will be given a prayer guide to help you in this process.

We have a special guest speaker this week to help us get started on this “loving journey.” Josh McDowell is recognized a one of our nation’s leading Christian apologists. He came to faith as a young man during his attempts to disprove the claims of Christianity. Since his conversion experience, he has spoken to over 25,000,000 people; delivered 2700 talks; written 140 books translated into 100 different languages. Josh is the featured speaker at the Worldview Apologetics Conference meeting on our campus tonight and tomorrow. He has graciously agreed to stay over Sunday and address our congregation.

People often claim they are motivated by love to do the things they do. But very few people define what that actually means. That’s especially dangerous when culture “defines” it for our children. So how do you know whether you are doing the loving thing if you can’t define it? Josh will discuss what love is not and then share an insightful, biblical understanding of what love is that will dramatically change how you think. This talk should provide a helpful foundation for our series.

Also…continue to pray for and encourage our friends with Congregations for the Homeless.

See you in church.

Pastor Gary