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BETTER TOGETHER: The Church Where the Spirit Reigned – Part 1

Scripture: (Acts 2:42-47)

Sunday: The Church Where the Spirit Reigned

Introduction: “….And all those who believed were together….”  (vs. 44)

What happened at Pentecost was that the remnant of God’s people became the Spirit-filled body of Christ?  What evidence did this gathering of believers give of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit?

I.   They were a __________________________ family”…they
     devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching.  (Vs. 42)

     A.   The right ______________________________

     B.   The right ______________________________

     C.   The right ______________________________

     D.   The right ______________________________ 
           (James 1:22-25)

II.  They were a ____________________ family”….they devoted
     themselves to the fellowship.  (Vs. 42)

     A.   What they shared ________ – a shared relationship
            with God and each other.

     B.   What they shared ________ – a generous sharing of
            resources.  (Vs. 44-45)

Conclusion: Better Together shows itself in times of “crisis” and “celebration.”