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The Gift of an Effective Prayer Life
(I Timothy 2:1-8)

The everyday problems experienced by people in our world today are complex, confusing, and critical. The ultimate solution to life’s challenges can only be found in an everyday experience with the power and presence of our Creator. We “tap” into His presence and power through prayer.

One of the best gifts we can give to the people with whom we live, work, and play is the gift of an effective prayer life.

An effective prayer life includes the following four daily experiences:

I. An honest EVALUATION of relationships
A. For WHOM should we pray?
B. Why should we pray for EVERYONE?
C. For WHAT should we pray?

II. An honest EXPERIENCE with reality
A. We learn to pray out of our own PAIN.
B. We learn to pray by sharing the PAIN of OTHERS.

III. An honest EXPENDITURE of resources
A. Time
B. Attention
C. Energy

IV. An honest EXPECTATION of return
A. Based on a right RELATIONSHIP with God
B. Based on the right METHOD
C. Based on the right REQUESTS
D. Based on the right AUTHORITY
E. Based on the right FOCUS

Conclusion: What’s the biggest thing you’ve asked God for?