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The Gift of Real Faith


(I Timothy 1:1-11)


We should never resist a generous impulse, especially when that impulse is gratitude and not guilt.


Over the next several weeks, using the Book of I Timothy as our guide, we will examine a series of generous impulses that lead us to the “gifts” that followers of Jesus have to offer to our morally and spiritually impoverished world.


Our culture is increasingly challenged by things that are defined as “fake”…”fake” news, “fake” credentials, “fake” lives.   One of the best gifts that we can offer to the people with whom we live,
work, and play is the gift of REAL FAITH.


Real faith is revealed in the right MOTIVE and the right MOTIVE is LOVE. (Vs. 5)

Love flows from a pure HEART.

Love flows from a good CONSCIENCE.

Love flows from a sincere FAITH.


Real faith is revealed in the right MESSAGE and the right MESSAGE is SOUND

DOCTRINE. (Vs. 3-4, 6, 8-10)

The COMMAND of God…The whole are of Christian ethics and moral responsibility

The CROSS of Christ…a word that is foolishness to the world, but power to those

who believe.  (I Corinthians 1:17, 18)


III. Real faith is revealed in the right METHOD and the right METHOD is STEWARDSHIP. (Vs. 11)

The stewardship of SELF – who I am

The stewardship of SERVICE – what I do


Conclusion:  The power of a symbol is found in the reality it represents.