Growing Young: Only Young Once – Gary Gulbranson

November 19, 2019

Growing Young: Only Young Once – Gary Gulbranson


Sunday:  “Only Young Once”


A personal story…….and a cautionary tale

I.  Core Commitment #1—-Prioritizing Young Adults Everywhere

A.  We need to foster RECOGNITION of spiritual gifts.
II Timothy 1:4-7…..”
B.  We need to foster a REMEMBRANCE of the Creator’s presence and work.
Ecclesiastes 12:1…..”
I Timothy 4:12…..”
C. We need to foster RELATIONSHIPS across the generations.
I Timothy 5:ff

II. Core Commitment #2—-Key Chain Leadership

A.  We need to LEAD by example.
II Timothy 3:10-17…..”
B.  We need to TEACH by example.
II Timothy 2:1-2…..”
C.  We need to TRAIN by example.
II Timothy 4:1-5…..”
D.  We need to LIVE and DIE by example.
II Timothy 4:6-9,18…..”

III. Core Commitment #3—-Take Jesus’ Message Seriously

A.  Jesus is our CURRICULUM.
II Timothy 2:8-13…..”
B.  Jesus is our CONFIDENCE.
II Timothy 1:8-11….”
C.  Jesus is our COMMITMENT.
II Timothy 1:12-14…..”

Conclusion:  “If I had to do it all over again…….”

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