Aug 24, 2019 | Categories: 2018 and Growing Young.


Growing Young at Westminster


A Personal Story


  1. Why the emphasis on growing young?
  2. Because church attendance in America is declining
  3. Because congregations in America are aging


  1. What growing young does not mean? Ten Qualities Our Church Does Not Need in Order to
    Grow Young.
  • A precise size
  • A trendy location or region
  • An exact age
  • A popular denomination….or lack of a denomination
  • An off-the-charts cool quotient
  • A big, modern building
  • A big budget
  • A “contemporary” worship service
  • A watered-down teaching style
  • A hyper-entertaining ministry program


III. What growing young does mean? Six Core Commitments that Our Church Needs to Grow Young.

  1. Unlock keychain leadership
  2.   Empathize with today’s young people
  3. Take Jesus’ message seriously
  4. Fuel a warm community
  5. Be the best neighbors
  6. Prioritize young people (and families) everywhere


  1. Our Process
  2. A growing young cohort
  3. A sermon series
  4. A congregational assessment
  5. Some generational dialogue


  1. Our Goal – Understanding that leads to organizational transformation


  1. The Models for our Process
  2. A Son of Man – Mark and his Gospel
  3.   The Son of Man – Jesus (Mark 10:35-45)
  4. What is my identity?  Not a ruler, but a slave (vv. 41-44)
  5. Where do I belong?  All those who need my life, my gifts, and my abilities (vv. 43, 45)
  6. What is my purpose?  To serve and not be served (vv. 45)


Conclusion:  Growing young takes everyone – Always