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Pastor Gary Gulbranson

Sunday: “Who’s the Boss of You?” (Psalm 2)

Introduction: Our Resource—The Book of Psalms

—The Psalms speak to our minds.
—The Psalms speak to our hearts.
—The Psalms speak to our wills.

As God’s followers we are His fingerprints. We are called to leave His imprints on the world. Those impressions need to be definite and distinct.

We need to make it clear, that while many may seek to lead us, we have only one King.

I. The world REBELS. (Vs. 1-3)
A. Through our independence
B. Through our ignorance
C. Through our indifference
D. Through our indulgence
E. Through our indignation

II. God RESPONDS. (Vs. 4-6)
A. He laughs at our foolish attempts to rule ourselves.
B. He establishes His King with His word.

III.Christ, the King, is REVEALED. (Vs. 7-9)
A. Christ proclaims His identity.
B. Christ proclaims His destiny.
C. Christ proclaims His authority.

IV.We take REFUGE in Christ, our King. (Vs. 10-12)

Conclusion: “Let earth receive her King”