Feb 21, 2021 | Categories: I AM.

I AM: The Bread of Life | Ryan Falls

I AM: The Bread of Life

John 6:25-35 | Ryan Falls, Senior Pastor

I. Framing it all up (20:30-31)

II. Our unstoppable hunger (6:25-27)

III. The necessity of Jesus (6:28-35)

IV. The appetite of faith (6:35)

Discussion Questions:

  • What words might you finish this statement with(be honest): I am _____? What will it look like to study these statements of Jesus and how might they impact the way you see yourself?
  • How do your desires/appetites reveal to you your deeper spiritual hunger?
  • When Jesus says he is the bread of life, what does this show you about his identity?
  • What does this statement teach us about the nature of faith?
  • How are you satisfying your deep hunger for God right now?