Identity: Who Are We? – Gary Gulbranson

One thought on “Identity: Who Are We? – Gary Gulbranson

  1. Natalie Case says:

    At last, I think I’ve found my new Church home! Pastor Gary, you have greatly lifted my spirit’s, after listening to your sermon tonight. What you spoke of, is what I’ve been struggling so terribly with, after 42 year’s of having a home filled with children, only to have my entire life turned upside down, through a terrible divorce. I lost nearly everything, including my home of 20 years, followed by becoming very ill and now Disabled. But I thank the Lord for his faithfulness, in helping me to find a Church to attend at last! Thank you so much for your sermon, you have given me hope. I pray I will meet you and everyone there, very soon.
    In His Love, Natalie Case

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