Sep 11, 2016 | Categories: Special Messages.


Lessons from the School of Suffering (I Peter 4:12-19)

Pastor Gary Gulbranson

Reflections from September 11, 2001… God has a purpose for His people in suffering.

This purpose is expressed in the following four truths:

I.   Suffering is to be EXPECTED in the believer’s _________________.  (VS.12)

Job 5:6-7….”For affiliation does not come from the dust, neither does trouble sprout from the ground. For man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward.”

II.   Suffering is ______________________________ to the believer’s ___________________________.  (VS.  13-16)

III. Suffering offers an ________________________________ of the believer’s ____________________.  (VS. 17-18)

IV. Suffering provides ___________________________ of the believer’s

________________________________.  (VS. 19)

Conclusion:  “Did the fact ever cross your mind that you are here in this world just to understand the Lord Jesus Christ, and for no other reason?”  – George MacDonald