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Pastor Gary Gulbranson

(Mark 2:1-12)

Have you ever brought someone to Jesus?  What was the result of that encounter?


We exist as a church…”to LEAD people into loving and life-changing relationships with God and with each other.”  Mark 2:1-12 records an incident in which four men brought their physically broken friend to Jesus.  Jesus offered this friend loving and life-changing care.


I find six components of life-changing care in this healing encounter with Jesus.


  1. Component #1 – Awareness: What do I see?


  1. Component #2 – Acknowledgement: What do I know?


III. Component #3 – Advocacy:  What will I do?


  1. Component #4 – Acceptance: Whom will I trust?


  1. Component #5 – Appreciation: What will I celebrate?


  1. Component #6 – Accountability: Who pays for the roof?


Conclusion:  Healing “Godstyle” – Jesus brought forgiveness and wholeness in one package.