Feb 19, 2017 | Categories: 2017 and How Then Shall We Live.


SERIES: How Then Shall We Live?

“The Life God Blesses” (Psalm 1)

As God’s followers, we are His fingerprints. We are called to leave His definite and distinct imprint on our world.

How then shall we live? We need to make the benefits/blessings of following Jesus absolutely clear to the people with whom we interact.

I. WHO is the person God blesses? (Vs. 1, 2)

A. The person who KNOWS what is right.

B. The person who DOES what is right.

II. HOW is the godly person blessed? (Vs. 3-5)

A. What God plants…..PROSPERS.

B. What God does not plant….PERISHES.

III. WHY is the godly person blessed? (Vs. 6)

A. Because of what God knows about that PERSON

B. Because of what that person know about GOD.

Conclusion: This is the way to true HAPPINESS. This is the path of God’s blessing. I pray that it is your path.