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Finding Our Voice in a Hostile World

Pastor Gary Gulbranson

A final word from the last of the Old Testament prophets…a message of gloom and doom.

Three prophetic observations…

I.    “The more some things change…the more they remain

       the same.”

       The Lord’s ____________________________  (1:1-2:17)

       A.  The nation’s SPIRITUAL sins

       B.  The nation’s SPECIAL sins

II.  “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

      The Lord’s ____________________________  (3:1-4:3)

       A.  To deal in JUDGEMENT with sinners

       B.  To deal in JUSTICE with saints

III.  “It’s not what you believe that matters…but what you believe enough to do.”

       The Lord’s _______________________________  (4:4-6)

Conclusion:  The next voice you will hear…a message that will turn our ______________________ into _________________________________.