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PRAY WHERE YOU LIVE: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Introduction: “Seattle’s Millennials Just Keep Moving” 
(Seattle Times, Monday, April 24)

“In a culture that is characterized by unprecedented mobility, I am convinced that the most important thing most of us can do to grow spiritually is to stay in the place where we are…….I am convinced that both our use of new technologies and our faithful response to God’s call depend on a “rootedness” that most of us sense we are missing in our hurry to keep up amid constant change.” (THE WISDOM OF STABILITY by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove)

I. Our lives need to be rooted in ___________________. (Vs. 1-3)

A. To _____________

B. To _____________

C. To the _____________ we live with

II. Our lives need to be rooted in __________________. (Vs. 4-8)

A. With the _________ God has given us

B. With God _______________

III. Our lives need to be rooted in ________________. (Vs. 9-11)

A. In _________________ life

B. In God’s ____________________

Conclusion: There is a wealth of wisdom to be had when we commit ourselves….”to a place and…..watch it change before our eyes.” (Wilson-Hartgrove)