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SUBLIME: Ephesians – Week 13 | Ryan Falls

In Common :: Ephesians 4:1-16

I. Common Calling

a. Living in response
b. Who over do
c. Unity takes effort and unity is a fact

II. Common Confession

a. Grounded in God
b. Connected to a people

III. Common Differentiation

a. Different on purpose
b. Gifted to equip

IV. Common Goal

a. Immaturity abounds
b. Marks of maturity

Discussion Questions:

  • What does it mean that we have a common calling, and what does it look like, according to text we studied today, to live worthy of that calling?
  • How do you explain the exclusivity of Christ and the nature of God to your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who do not believe? What are some helpful ways to do this in a very pluralistic society?
  • Do you feel well equipped to live out your faith? How could Westminster do a better job of being an equipping church?
  • Why are both truth and love so important in Christian community? Which of the two tends to be out of balance in your pursuit of spiritual maturity?