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SUBLIME: Ephesians – Week 21 | Al Erisman

Sublime: Ephesians—Week 21   Al Erisman

Work Matters—Ephesians 6:5-9

  1. Introduction[1]

This passage is not about slavery[2]

It fits very naturally in the flow of Ephesians, teaching us how to live at work[3]

  1. Lessons for those working “at the bottom”

How and why we work[4]

God’s call to bring value from the product of our work[5]

  1. Lessons for those working “at the top”

Leaders also need to work with purpose and meaning

Leadership as a Jesus follower should look different[6]

  1. Concluding comments

Is our work only temporal, or might it have eternal value[7]

Our language gets in the way when we talk about work

  1. Conclusion[8]

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is it so important that you think about your work in the context of your faith?
  2. Thinking about your own work, whether paid or unpaid, what is the purpose and meaning of that work? How might it have lasting value?
  3. How do you integrate your life between demands of work, family, church, other service, leisure?
  4. For those not working for pay, how do you view your daily work as service to God?
  5. If you are unemployed, does this discussion bring a different perspective as you seek work?

[1] In addition to the text, these are some other references that are mentioned

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