Sep 27, 2020 | Categories: Sublime and Sublime Marriage.

SUBLIME [Marriage]: Let’s Talk – Week 3 | Ryan & Liz Falls

SUBLIME [Marriage]: Let’s Talk – Week 3 | Ryan Falls

A Big Conversation

A Big Issue

A Big Difference

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do so many who are married struggle to engage in consistent, healthy dialogue about their marriage? What did you experience as a child watching your parents? If you are married, what does this look like for you?
  2. We’ve all experienced hurt in relationship to our faith. This certainly happens as we get into a discussion of differences between men and women, the roles of husbands and wives, and how to families can best point our world to Jesus by the way they relate. Where have you experienced hurt? What has God taught you through these experiences?
  3. When you hear the word “submit,” what does it connote? What does it mean in the context of the community of faith and how we ought to relate with one another?
  4. Where does self-centeredness show up in your life…
    • at home?
    • at work/school?
    • at church?
  5. What does this text teach us about the unique roles of husbands and wives?
  6. What do we learn about God as he orders our gender? How do we compassionately, humbly, and courageously point a broken world to God’s design for us?