Dec 13, 2020 | Categories: The Thrill of Hope.

THE THRILL OF HOPE: The Thrill of Hope | Ryan Falls

The Thrill of Hope – Luke 1:39-56

Ryan Falls

I. Hope grows in community

II. The thrill of hope and experiencing wonder

III. The experience of wonder leads to worship

Discussion Questions

  • First, re-read the text from this week’s message
  • What has community looked like for you this year? What have you learned about yourself as you’ve been more cut off from other Christians?
  • What is the biggest thrill you’ve ever experienced? What does it look like to experience the thrill of hope in your own life?
  • Is wonder a word you think about often when you process the coming of Jesus? Why should we look at these events with wonder? How does the historical reality of these events give us confidence and add to our sense of wonder?
  • How is the God leading you to respond?