Recently I was asked, “How will you change the world this week?” Simple question?? It’s loaded! And, it was phrased as though not changing the world was even an option. So it got me to thinking… Is it possible to have an affect on the world in a week? What would I do and how would I know I was successful?

Mentoring is an avenue for changing the world one person at a time. It is a quiet ministry that occurs in coffee shops, homes and parks all over the city. This is a lay ministry that uses ordinary people like you and me. It requires no special credential except to be faithful, available and teachable by the Holy Spirit, and to commit to a short-term relationship with two other people.

So, you and I can change the world in a week by simply showing up and committing a bit of time; because when three people commit together, when stories are told and listening happens, when the unfamiliar gives way to familiar and when strangers become friends the world is different. If you are interested in learning more, email me at If you want to make a difference in yourself and someone else, complete a Profile Card. Mentoring begins in October and January, and ends in May.

Michele Peterson

Westminster Mentoring


Is growing personally, spiritually and regularly attends Westminster Chapel; commits to meeting regularly with the mentoree; maintains confidentiality with Mentoree and Prayer Partner; regularly attends monthly coaching small group.


Desires deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and in personal character; regularly attends Westminster Chapel; commits to meet regularly with Mentor; sets goals and provides honest communication.

Prayer Partner

Is growing personally, spiritually, regularly attends Westminster Chapel; commits to pray consistently for Mentor and Mentoree relationship; maintains confidentiality; meets 2-3 times with Mentoree and Mentor throughout the year.