We are so glad you are choosing to invest in the life of another. Usually, when we invest it comes out of our resources.

Mentoring with regards to a spiritual walk comes out of the willingness to defer yourself to what it means to listen.

You are listening both to the Mentoree and the impressions of God, specifically the Holy Spirit, in your heart.

When this happens, both of you experience God and each other in incredible new ways.

So where do I start? Each of the four statements below represent a pillar of what it means to be a mentor. Curious about what each statement means? Just click on a principle you would like to learn more about and we will take you to some resource pages. The best mentoring experience is when both mentor and mentoree experience a new understanding about God, ourselves and others.

What it Means to be a Mentor

A Mentor listens…

A Mentor asks good questions…

A Mentor helps identify growth goals…

A Mentor keeps the spiritual piece at the center…




Here is an example of a TED Talk focusing on how mentoring can change your community!

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