We are so glad you are considering the idea of finding a Mentor. God never intended for anyone to manage this world as rugged individuals. Rather, we were created for community. And not just community for communities sake, but the kind of community that is intentional. We need community to identify our blind spots as well as provide a context to put down our masks. We need to be heard at times and at other times to hear others. Mentoring relationships are those relationships where we can look up from the immediate demands of life and see God’s overall purpose and meaning.

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Understanding Your Shape as a Mentoree

This year we will be expanding on our support of you as a mentor by helping you to explore how God has uniquely designed you. For if you understand who God made you to be,  you will be better prepared in helping others to discover who God made them to be.  Saddleback Church helped to consolidate some of the keys aspects of the individual in this easy to remember acronym, S.H.A.P.E.

    Spiritual Gifts

    Heart Desires




In the next few months we will be helping you to acquire a better understanding of each of these key areas so that you can fulfill your role as mentor with confidence and a sense of God given purpose.

And along the way, if we find a good article or video on mentoring, we will make it available in through resource pages and blogs. We want to encourage the teachable spirit that will one day prepare you to mentor mentors.

Click the following links below to download your own Shape for Life Profile Worksheet and Shape for Spiritual Gifts.

Understanding my S.H.A.P.E.  

SHAPE for Life Profile

SHAPE Spiritual Gifts – October

SHAPE Heart & Abilities – November

SHAPE_Personality-Experiences – December

Experiences Worksheet

Abilities – Love It Like It[2]

Spiritual Gift Assessment



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