Dear Westminster Family:

 LOVE…Its “all you need”…its “a many splendored thing”…it “makes the world go ’round.”       

 Love is a powerful force in our lives.  Listen to the songs on the radio, pick up a novel or go to a movie.  The topic more often than not is love.  Life is worth living when we know we are loved and are able to give love.

 For the followers of Jesus, love takes on a special role.  The greatest commandments, as summarized by him, are to “love the Lord your God” and to “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Moreover love is not just what we are commanded to do, it is “who” God is.

 Love is at the center of our vision and mission as a church.   Our vision is “to lead people into loving and life changing relationships with God and each other.”  Our mission is “to reach a generationally, ethnically, and religiously diverse community with the love and gospel of the Lord Jesus.”  Love is also the foundational value that binds us and builds us as a family together. 

 This Sunday we begin a new series focusing on our church’s values.  We are calling this series, “The Fam.”  The first value in this family series focuses on our love for one another.  Simply stated….”we value cultivating loving relationships as the primary pathway for spiritual transformation.”  Ephesians 3: 14-21 reminds us that spiritual transformation takes place when God’s love is deeply rooted and established in people’s lives.

Our love for one another is expressed in our sense of “belonging.”  This week we will give you some specific ways to experience our “belonging” to God and each other. This is an important week for us to gather in worship.

 Also…We started our fall Alpha course last Sunday.  There is still time to join those who began to learn about Jesus in that comfortable relational setting.  Why not invite someone to come with you this week. 

 See you in church.

 Pastor Gary