Dear Westminster Family: 

I was looking through a collection of family papers recently and came across a written testimony by my dad.  He had been asked to write out his testimony as a prerequisite for joining a little Baptist church back in South Dakota.  My dad wrote of his decision to follow Jesus Christ in his mid-thirties and then his subsequent decision to base his everyday choices on the ultimate choice to serve God. He quoted Joshua’s challenge and confession found in Joshua 24 and delivered to the children of Israel upon the occasion of their occupation of the promised land. “Choose this day whom you will serve….But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” (vs. 15-17). Joshua reminded the Israelites they would not be able to fully embrace the benefits of the land they had been given unless they made the right choice in their relationship with God.  I reflected on how Dad’s big choice impacted hundreds of other important choices in his life and mine.

 Tuesday, we will choose a new leader for our country.  I have been asked by many of you to help sort through the confusion of this election season…to guide you in your personal election decisions.   I can’t make your election choice for you, but I can say with confidence that whatever you do in the voting both should be guided by your ultimate choice to serve God and to make sure the “God choice” carries over to your family, friends and fellow citizens.  This is the way God designed for us to live.  

 On Sunday I will spend a few minutes addressing “what” (not whom) Jesus would vote for.  I believe that the values that shaped His life and ministry are the ones that should guide the lives of those who are indwelt by His Spirit…they are the values that should show up in the voting booth on Tuesday as well as on our everyday agendas the rest of the time.


See you in church.


Pastor Gary