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At Westminster Chapel you’ll find a family built up of people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations, growing to listen and love like Jesus.

We don’t have life all figured out, but we believe we know who does.


“I look forward to our all-church Online Prayer Gathering tonight at 7:00 PM. Just click this link to connect with the on Zoom. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81563274249  If you have trouble getting in through this link, you can also connect through our website. www.westminster.org 
I hope you can join us as we pray together.  Ryan” #wcbellevue
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In-person or online we are one church family. We can’t wait for the day we can all safely be together and we are thankful for the times we can be safely together Sunday morning. Praying for a wonderful week for you all! ❤️ You are loved. #wcbellevue
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Make sure to come in-person at 9am or watch online at 9am, 10:30am, or 7pm as Pastor Mark preaches on the second “I Am” of the new series. It is also communion Sunday so make sure you have elements ready if you’re watching from home! Happy Saturday! #wcbellevue
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Listener submitted question!!! 🙌🏻🎙Did you listen to Mondays NEW podcast episode!? Listen now on Spotify, iTunes, or here! https://www.westminster.org/category/aff/ #wcbellevue #podcast #askingforafriendwithwestminsterchapel
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The Prayer Course II is five sessions that go deeper, provoking honest conversation around the hardest and most personal questions we all ask about prayer. There is no need to have completed The Prayer Course to attend this one. The 5 sessions include, #1 God on Mute: Engaging the Silence, #2 Maundy Thursday: How?, #3 Good Friday: Why?, #4 Holy Saturday: Where?, #5 Easter Sunday: When?. This is a great way to observe Lent this year. Visit westminster.org to register and get more information! #wcbellevue
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Did you catch yesterday’s new series launch? The first sermon from “I am” is available to watch at: https://www.westminster.org/churchonline/ 🙌🏻 happy Monday! #wcbellevue
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“Westminster,  I am super excited for this weekend for many reasons. How about I share why? Ok, I will.  First, we are starting a new series on Sunday as we head toward Easter. The series is called “I Am” and we will look at Jesus’ seven I Am statements in the gospel of John. So we will be talking about Jesus’ identity for 7 weeks straight! Won't that be awesome? This weekend we will look at John 6 and unpack the Bread of Life.  Second, we have a candidate in town this weekend for our NextGen Pastor search. Adam and Megan Hollingsworth are here to explore our community, spend time with Westminster, and discern if this is where God might have them. We are doing the same, and praying that God makes it clear. Please join us in prayer and dependence on God in making this decision.  Third, after having to pre-record for last Sunday, I’m excited about preaching live and to people! Whether you’re online or in-person, I’m eagerly anticipating what God will do as we worship him together. Praying you today!  Grateful,
Ryan” #wcbellevue #iam #easter #bellevue #bellevuechurch
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Westminster,  Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten season. Lent is a time on the church calendar to pray, fast, serve, and practice generosity toward others as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Normally, we have an Ash Wednesday service that we celebrate together. This year, Bree has put together a guide for your own practice and I’ve shared a short meditation from Scripture as it relates to Lent. Today we remember our frailty as we begin this journey to the Holy Week and the vindication of Christ’s work in his victory over death. If you’ve never practiced Lent, I wonder if this year might be an opportunity to do so? I’m praying for you today and so excited to celebrate Easter with you this year!  “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” and so “repent and believe in the gospel" ❤️ https://www.westminster.org/event/ash-wednesday/  Grateful,
Ryan #wcbellevue
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New series beginning Sunday the 21st 🙌🏻 I AM #wcbellevue #iam #thebreadoflife
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Westminster Family,  Well, we never really know what will happen with the weather here (other than that it might rain sometimes). With that being said, it looks like the forecasts were accurate! It was so fun to wake up to a ton of snow on the ground here and to see it still falling. Given the wintry conditions, services will be online only tomorrow at 9 AM, 10:30 AM, and 7 PM. Stay safe and stay warm. Praying for you!  Grateful,
Ryan #wcbellevue
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Love others, donate blood in February 16,17&19! Westminster Chapel is providing an opportunity for our local community to help support patients in partnership with Bloodworks NW. This one-hour donation appointment is a safe and essential action and is conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines.  Bloodworks is testing all donations for COVID-19 antibodies 2/1-2/28.Click on the link to register!  https://schedule.bloodworksnw.org/DonorPortal/GroupLanding.aspx?s=1946  #wcbellevue
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NEW EPISODE LIVE NOW! Enjoy this sneak peek 🎙☺️ Also.. why was Brendan shopping on Amazon during recording? Click the link in the bio to listen and find out 😉 #wcbellevue #askingforafriendwithwestminsterchapel
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Repost from @wcbellevueparents ❤️ Happy Sunday! Enjoy the sunshine and the rest of the day. #wcbellevue
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