At Westminster Chapel you’ll find a family built up of people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations, growing to listen and love like Jesus.

We don’t have life all figured out, but we believe we know who does.


Middle and High school Sundays are happening NOW! Learn more about student ministry for you or your child at: 🥳 OR you can email @adamholl995 at #wcbellevue
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#throwbackthursday because doesn’t she just make you SMILE!? I bet some of you went “awwww” 😉❤️ you can learn more about our nursery/children’s ministry at 🥳 #wcbellevue
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#throwback to an amazing testimonial shared by Kiera about her experience with Alpha. Winter Alpha starts January 23rd at 6:00pm! Come ask any questions you have about faith and enjoy dinner together. #wcbellevue
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Vision Night 2022
Community Life Center, 6:30-8PM
As our church looks to the future, we are excited to share where we’re headed. Whether you’ve been at Westminster for years or are new to our church family, please join us as we pray and dream about what a Jesus Transformation could look like at Westminster, on the Eastside, and around the world. Whether online or in-person, we would love to have you there! Register online at: #wcbellevue
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Today is #mlkday and we are honored to celebrate both Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta who was key in creating MLK day along with also being a civil rights activist. Here are some MLK inspired reflections to consider on this day • 1. How can I volunteer to help those in need? 2. How can I help fight injustices and spread awareness within my life? 3. How can I practice and contribute to anti-racism and social justice organizations around me? 4. What books/trainings can I take to become a more culturally responsive and educated person? #wcbellevue
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GOOD NEWS! You can still get connected to a grow group! 🥳 Grow groups are communities of people who are growing together in friendship, faith, and walking through life together. Learn more at 💻📱😊 #wcbellevue
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“God of Abraham,
You're the God of covenant,
And of faithful promises,
Time and time again,
You have proven,
You'll do just what You said.” #wcbellevue
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Sunday morning children’s ministry! ❤️ learn more about being a part by serving or getting your kiddos connected online or in-person at 🎉🥳 #wcbellevue
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Did you know we send out a newsletter? It’s called the Westminster Weekly! It includes ways you can serve, updates on the church, ways to connect, announcements, and more! 🥳 check it out! And sign up to receive it at: #wcbellevue
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Rhythms: Spiritual Practices for Normal People- week 1! Watch the rest at ☺️ #wcbellevue
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Groups at Westminster are great places for spiritual growth as we learn together, develop our gifts, and reach beyond to make a difference in others’ lives- AND MAKE FRIENDS! 🥳 you can be a part of community here. Browse our groups at and feel free to email any questions go Lishi at ☺️ #wcbellevue
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Are you looking to start something new in 2022? We will be doing a reading plan as a church going through the bible chronologically! 🥳 The link to the reading plan is in todays Westminster weekly email newsletter. It will also be on the website in 2022 and here on social every week! Follow along with us starting January 1 📖 #wcbellevue
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