I hope you’re having a great week! If you missed worship last week, we kicked off a brand new series studying the life of Abraham. I’m praying the series is transformational in your life and for our church family. This Sunday, we’ll investigate the call of God as we study Genesis 12:1-9.

Let’s talk about Sundays! 


First, we’re having one service at 10 am. Something powerful is transpiring within our church, and I believe this is just the beginning of an unbelievable season of God’s goodness to His people at Westminster. Jesus can transform anything for anyone at any time, and He’s showing us what that can look like as we experience His grace together in community. 


Last Sunday, as I pulled out of the parking lot after church, Mim and I had the BEST conversation about what we had just experienced. With tears in my eyes (don’t be shocked), I told her that what was happening at church was what I had been praying for, longing for, and hoping for since we came. Then she responded, “Yeah, Westminster is so different. I feel God’s love there in a way I never really have in church.” That being said, it’s a special moment we are currently experiencing together. I’ll leave you with the prayer of my heart today.


Jesus, thank you. Thank you for the people of Westminster Chapel. Thank you for building our church up, for doing a new thing among us, and for the ways many lives are being transformed into your likeness. As we ground ourselves in your unchanging Word, please form us into a people growing to listen and love like You do. Continue to pour out your Spirit as we gather, and send us into our communities as agents of transformation. Be glorified through your church today. Amen. 


In Jesus,



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