I hope you’re having a good week! I’ve received a few questions about Lent and why we take time as a church to engage in this season together. Growing up in Michigan, the only people I knew who observed the Lenten season were Catholic. Thus, I believed it was a strictly Catholic or high church thing. As I grew in my understanding of the church calendar, I came to see that there were good reasons for every Christian to enter the beauty of this season, just as we do during Advent as we prepare for Christmas.

Lent is a 40-day fasting, prayer, and generosity journey as we head toward Easter. As a church, we want to do this together, even though we are scattered throughout the area. With that in mind, we are calling our church family to fast and pray on Wednesdays for the lunch hour. It’s ok if you didn’t start that today. It’s not about doing this perfectly; rather, it’s about seeking God together. So, if you didn’t start today, consider taking time next Wednesday, during your lunch hour, to set aside time to spend with our triune God in a posture of prayer. You can do that in your office, classroom, home, or cubicle. You could even find some other Westminster people (if they are around) and gather to pray.
There will be an opportunity throughout Lent for collective generosity as well. We’ll tell you more about that on Sunday 🙂

I look forward to studying Luke 5:17-26 as we continue our series, The Healer. I can’t wait to worship with you, whether online or in person.

In Jesus,

P.S. We have a Starting Point Lunch after church this week. If you’ve met someone new(ish) to Westminster, please invite them to the lunch. Better yet, if you see them Sunday, invite them and come with them to lunch! Maybe you’ve been around for a long time and want to find a new start at church and find community and your place at Westminster, we would love for you to join us in the CLC. See you then!


Westminster Chapel Financials at a Glance

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