Dear Westminster Family,

Lloyd Kolbrek, Jay and Martha Stevens, Alberta Reynolds, Lois Slinde, Ray Garner, Vernon Grounds.   I am sure that for most of you think this is just a list of random names.  For me…these are people who, along with my parents, played a significant role in my spiritual birth and growth.  These are people who were willing to invest their lives in my life.  They prayed for me, instructed me, encouraged me, exhorted (warned) me and…basically…loved me.  The cost of their investment in my life was their willingness to engage me in my spiritual journey.

On Sunday I am going to talk about the “cost” family life.  Experiencing God’s blessing in our families requires personal engagement.  As you prepare for our time of worship and instruction, I would like you to come up with a list of the people who were invested in your spiritual development.  Perhaps more importantly, I would ask you to consider who would include you on their list.

Please continue to pray for those men who are a part of Congregations for the Homeless on our campus.

See you in church,

Pastor Gary