“I wait for Your salvation, O Lord.” Gen. 49:18

My father was raised on the farm and learned how to fix equipment by improvising and using whatever was available to him. In his retirement years, he took great pleasure in fixing vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and other sundry items from his workshop in the basement of his home. There were countless jars of washers, nails, screws and merely stuff, but he worked his magic with what he had. On several occasions I took it upon myself to try to help him. Almost every time he would say, “Son, I appreciate your desire to help me but you are making things worse, in fact, you’re in the way.”

There are many times that we try to come alongside God and literally get in the way of His salvation by trying to help Him along. Let’s remind ourselves the salvation God is working out in us is more spectacular than Creation. Our hearts are the scene of God’s amazing work; we can do as little with it as we did in the creating the world, except as God works in us to do His will. God only ask of us to yield, to consent, to wait upon Him and He will do the rest. Let us Meditate in stillness until we accept how blessed it is that God alone will do it all, and our hearts humble response is “I wait (to fully comprehend) your salvation!!




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