June 6, 2021


In Preschool, we are excited to begin in-person classes again! This summer, we will be going through some books from The Good Book Company which are based on some favorite stories in the Bible. These books are of varying lengths, but all have fun pictures and unique ways of telling the story, while being Biblically accurate. This Sunday, our first story is from Mark 10:13-16 and is the story of Jesus welcoming the children. Such a perfect story for our first week with children back in their class! As you share this story with your children, help them to be curious about Jesus and to want to know more about him. Remind them that Jesus loves all the children of the world and wants to spend time with them, no matter if they are young or old. Click on the Preschool Link below and learn with your kids!

In Elementary, we are celebrating Move Up Sunday this week, both in-person and online. This Sunday, our 5th graders will move into our Middle School Department. We will take a couple minutes to recognize their move and to pray over them as they go.  Also, current elementary children in Kindergarten to 4th grade will move up into their new grades for the next school year. It is an exciting time as we celebrate Moving Up but also welcome children back to Children’s Ministry classes again. Follow the Elementary Link below for some questions to discuss with your children about this past school year and this summer.