June 13, 2021


In Preschool, we are going through some books this summer from The Good Book Company which are based on some favorite stories in the Bible. These books are of varying lengths, but all have fun pictures and unique ways of telling the story, while being Biblically accurate. This Sunday, our story is from John 6:5-15, 25-35 and is the story of Jesus feeding more than 5,000 people. Jesus and the disciples were tired and trying to get away for a rest. When people found them, Jesus had compassion on them and taught them. He even fed them with one little boy’s lunch of two fish and five loaves of bread. Jesus used this miracle to help the people realize that he had something better to offer – eternal life! As you share this story with your children, help them to remember that Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins so we can have a special relationship with God, both now and later in heaven. This is better than any miracle Jesus did. Click on the Preschool Link below and learn with your kids!

In Elementary, we are concluding our study of the New Testament church in Jerusalem as we learn about Peter’s visit with Cornelius in Acts 10. This Sunday, our story is shows us how God made clear to Peter that the gospel is for everyone—not only the Jews but also the Gentiles. As you share this story with your children, emphasize that God showed Peter that just as there is no “clean” and “unclean” food, there are no “clean” and “unclean” people. God calls believers to tell everyone the good news about Jesus, no matter who they are or where they come from. Jesus is the Lord of all. Follow the Elementary Link below for more information about our lesson and activities to do with your children.