July 11, 2021


In Preschool, we are in the Old Testament again this week as we look at the story of Moses and the ten plagues in Exodus 7-15. We will use the Bible and the book, “Moses and the Very Big Rescue” by Tim Thornborough to learn how God rescued his people from Egypt. As you share this story with your children, help them to remember that there is no one like God and that we can praise him when he helps us! Click on the Preschool Link below and learn with your kids!

In Elementary, we are continuing our study of the life of Paul. Our story this week is about Paul’s second missionary journey where he went back to some of the churches from his first journey to encourage them. This time Paul went to Macedonia also. We will look at two major events that took place in Macedonia where people were saved because of Paul’s witness. As you share this story with your children, emphasize with them that they can believe in Jesus and be saved. Take some time to explain that Jesus died for our sins and if we believe that Jesus did this incredible thing for us and ask Him to forgive our sins, we can have a relationship with Jesus forever; both on earth now and in heaven someday. That is good news!  Follow the Elementary Link below for more information about our lesson and activities to do with your children.