August 1, 2021


In Preschool, we are in the book of Jonah this week as we study another familiar story; the story of Jonah getting swallowed by a big fish. We will use the Bible, and the book, “Jonah and the Very Big Fish” by Tim Thornborough, to “discover what happened when God told a very grumpy prophet to give a message to a nasty, horrible, wicked, cruel city.” God was determined to send Jonah to Nineveh because he wanted to save them, even though Jonah did not want to go. As you share this story with your children, help them know that “God always welcomes repentant sinners.” We can always tell God that we are sorry for the bad things we do and be forgiven. Click on the Preschool Link below and learn with your kids!

In Elementary, our lesson this week is about Paul as he goes back to Jerusalem after he was warned that the Jews would seize him in Jerusalem and hand him over to the Gentiles. Paul did not hesitate, knowing Jerusalem was exactly where God wanted Paul to go. God used this experience to tell many people about Jesus. As you share this story with your children, remind them that God calls us to be obedient and faithful as we take part in His greater plan. No matter what obstacles we may face, God’s plan for us is always for His glory and our good. This can seem scary and dangerous, but God will take care of us. Follow the Elementary Link below for more information about our lesson and activities to do with your children.