January 31, 2021


In Early Life we are following Jesus as he walks the desert for 40 days.  This is an important lesson to know as we begin our journey towards the Lent season.  Click on the Early life link to see ways you can apply this story…with a spoon and some dirt!

In Elementary Ministry, this weekwe continue our series with the events that happened during the last week of Jesus’ life as we learn about Jesus’ Last Supper. Jesus used this opportunity to show and tell the disciples about the new life he was calling them, and us, to live. On this last night before his death, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and then shared the traditional Passover meal with them in a new way. Follow the Elementary Link below for more information about our lesson and activities to do with your children.

This is the last Sunday of the month which means we will celebrate communion together. Make sure to have your elements (crackers and juice) ready to celebrate at home!